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Half day tours in Jerusalem
4-hour tour
Full Day trip in Jerusalem
8-hour tour
Multiple days are available.
Galilee and/or Dead sea day trip
Starting point: Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv.
Arrangement of tours
in Jerricho and/or Bethlehem.
Starting point: Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv.
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Haifa / Ashdod
Does your Cruise Ship dock at Haifa or Ashdod port, Israel? Book a Day Tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, Galilee, Dead Sea, Christian Holy sites. Tour Guide with Luxery Tour Bus / Taxi with driver will be waiting to meet you at Haifa or Ashdod port.
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Jewish Heritage Tours

Some quotes of my many
happy customers
Mordechai is a phenomenal tour guide, who has made our visit both enjoyable and unforgettably meaningful. He made the City of David come to live with stories of the Bible.
Thanks Mordechai for your compassionate, sensitive presentation of the horrors of the Holocaust.
Mordechai's guiding was lot's of fun for our young children, he engaged them in role play during our tour, and was patient and attentive.
Wow, your knowledge of Christianity really made a deep impression on us. Thanks for enriching our lives.
It is amazing how you were able to hold the attention of our group of 30 teenagers during the three hour tour!" Thanks Mordechai for a very informative and entertaining guiding!


Jewish Half-day Tours

  • Tour 1: The City of David in depth.
  • Tour 2: The City of David, Davidson center.
  • Tour 3: Burnt House, Temple Institute, Western Wall Tunnels.
  • Tour 4: Herodian Quarter, Tiferet Israel Synagogue, Burnt house.
  • Tour 5: David's tomb, President's Look Out, Hurva Synagogue (local guiding), Temple Institute.
  • Tour 6: Israel Museum.
  • Tour 7: Yad Vashem.
  • Tour 8: Chagall Windows, Yad Vashem.
  • Tour 9: Modern Leadership in Jerusalem: The israeli Parliament (local guiding), the Supreme court (local guiding), this trip has to be arranged in advance because of the sites (logistics, security).

Jewish Day Tours

  • Tour 1: The City of David, Davidson Center, Western Wall Tunnels.
  • Tour 2: Temple Institute, Davison Center, Western Wall Tunnels.
  • Tour 3: Western Wall Tunnels, Davidson Center, City of David.
  • Tour 4: Herodian Quarter, The Burnt House, Temple Institute, Western Wall Tunnels.
  • Tour 5: Yad Vashem in Depth, The Museum, The Memorials, The Statues (this is a whole day tour, very heavy).
  • Tour 6: Yad Vashem, Menorah, Israel Museum.
  • Tour 7: "From the center of the city to the center of the planet" – walking tour from downtown jerusalem to the kotel.
  • Tour 8: Bar\bat Mitzvah Tours – special tours for a special day, transport, music, restaurant can be arranged.
  • Tour 9: "Kol hamesameach" – walking tour for the chattan (groom), modern city, old city, special tour for a special day, history of people, homes, places, dawening and a mikveh.
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